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Who we are: Modular Data Centers Stockholm AB

We develop and build modular data centers in steel for the global market. Modules conform to 40-ft ISO container standards and can be easily shipped.

MDC Stockholm AB is a privately held corporation, based in Kista Science City, Stockholm.

Kista is Scandinavia's Silicon Valley with over 1000 ICT companies, including world HQ of Ericsson and other Swedish firms. Scandinavian headquarters of many global IT firms like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Huawei are located here. Kista is also home to numerous entrepreneurial start-ups. There are research bodies like SICS, Swedish Institute of Computer Science, and The Interactive Institute. On Campus Kista there are over 5000 students attending ICT programs at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University.

MDC Stockholm is run by the entrepreneurs behind Bahnhof, Sweden's oldest independent ISP. Bahnhof has continuously expanded since 1994 and constructed several data centers for its own operations and co-location customers. One of the centers is Pionen, based deep inside a mountain in central Stockholm, a Cold War bunker that housed a civil defence nuclear-proof command center. It has become known for being home to Wikileaks servers.

One problem with data centers are that they require heavy investments in capital and human resources. Launch-time may be two years after initiation. And when you are done you are done. It is often impossible to expand an existing server hall.” says Jon Karlung, Chairman of Bahnhof and CEO of Modular Data Centers Stockholm.
When Bahnhof needed more capacity we wished to add this in a modular form to ensure sustained growth capabilities in a flexible and cost-efficient way. We developed and refined containerized data center solutions, using cutting edge Swedish technology and vision. Since this is not Bahnhof's core business as an ISP we decided to place business risk outside the firm but with Bahnhof as a strategic partner.

says Jon Karlung, Chairman of Bahnhof and CEO of Modular Data Centers Stockholm

With whom?
The MDC Module is based on Swedish cutting edge design, technology, vision, and knowledge of metallurgy.

The project is an industrial joint venture between MDC Stockholm AB and SSAB. Swedish Steel AB is a world-leading developer and producer of specialized steel, including ultra-high-hardness steels like Armox™. They are a supplier of armouring to high-security vehicles, banks, embassies and armed forces around the world. SSAB has been an active partner in developing the world's most remarkable modular data center and setting up a production environment for it.

The design and engineering of the modules are essential parts of the concept. The inspiration comes from science fiction, military facilities and the latest technology for the IT-industry. The design is made by Swedish company SplitVision Design AB, an engineering firm specialized in transforming futuristic vision into durable, high-performance reality that can be rationally produced and brought to demanding customers.

The freestanding inflatable command module or MOC (Modular Operations Center) is developed by the aeronautical engineer, pilot, record-breaking balloon aviator and collaborator of Sir Richard Branson, Mr Per Lindstrand, and his company Lindstrand Technologies.

The Swede Per could take pride in the successful landing of the Beagle 2 spacecraft on Mars on Christmas Day 2003. It was suspended in a unique space parachute from Lindstrand Technologies, engineered to withstand extreme conditions and temperatures.

Bahnhof is Sweden's oldest and largest independent ISP, founded in 1994, with presence in all parts of Sweden, as well as Copenhagen, Oslo, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, Lisbon, and London. Bahnhof operates several conventional data centers and knows what to demand from them. This knowledge has been integrated into the MDC Modules.

All parts of the MDC Modules are trademarked, filed and registered.

Turn Key Solution!

A complete MDC module consists of four parts. When you expand you don't have to add all of them however



Future information centers can be entire cities of steel, based on single units docked to each other - module by module - growing forever