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The future is modular!

THE MDC module in short

What is the advantage of choosing the MDC module?

Turnkey solution

We offer physical data centers as a scalable turnkey solution. All is included in the MDC Module and tested before delivery: Backup power (UPS and diesel engine), cooling, prefabricated racks, network cabling, humidity control, fire extinguishing, security and monitoring system.

Data center headaches? Don't worry! The future is modular: You only need to provide a network cable, electrical power, water supply and a ground foundation to get going.

Don't pay for empty space

When you build a conventional data center, space is always a problem. Initially you have to swallow a huge financial investment – and are often stuck with gigantic areas of just thin air. Later, when you have more cabinets and clients, the problem is the opposite: a projected lack of space. With a lead time of two years to launch a conventional data center this is risky business.

Need to expand? Don't worry! The future is modular: You expand through adding 35 cabinet MDC Modules with short notice.

Make room for your colocation customers

The MDC Module comes with ergonomically designed workspaces. You or your clients can work in the module and perform hardware installations and maintenance service as usual. The modules are made for even the most demanding colocation clients. In fact, due to the cooling system, the MDC Module is surprisingly silent to work in. Prefabricated units come with the MOC (Modular Operation Center) – the inflatable conference room. It doubles as a climate- and airlock to the MDC Modules.

Individual needs? Don't worry! The future is modular: There are several potential layouts and expansion paths.

Reduce your power cost

You save up to XX percent of energy compared with the same space in a conventional center. The AHRS ™ (Active Heat Removing System) is an essential part of the design of the MDC Module. Our racks have been specially engineered to allow for remarkably efficient cooling. The PUE figures are much lower than existing solutions for conventional data centers. The MDC Module lets you and your clients save money and keep the planet green.

What about cooling and power when expanding? Don't worry! The future is modular: You simply plug new modules into the old ones, self-sustaining or as add-ons.

Secure your assets

The MDC Module is designed with security as the number one priority. The modules are normally placed outdoors in a fenced area with detection and alarm systems. The protection of the actual module in many respects surpasses conventional data centers. The pneumatic door is made of solid steel.

Containerized data center, really? Don't worry! The steel encasing is based on metallurgy from military applications and withstands all types of threats.

Flexible, easy and fast to install

The MDC Module can be placed basically anywhere. The single unit requires a simple plot of solid surface of 15 x 25 meters (including the fenced area and MOC). A concrete slab is perfect as a foundation. We install the unit, or units, according to agreement with you. Time-to-mission is impressive: Standard delivery and installation time is 12 weeks from order (allow for local variations and time for transportation).

Shipping questions? Don't worry! The future is modular: Our units conform to the 40-ft ISO container standard, making transportation a non-issue.

Turn Key Solution!

A complete MDC module consists of four parts. When you expand you don't have to add all of them however



Future information centers can be entire cities of steel, based on single units docked to each other - module by module - growing forever